Holiday Ham Reboot – Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

One thing you’ll notice on Its Thyme 2 Cook,  is that abundant leftovers are rebooted into something freezer friendly. The leftover ham from last week’s holiday party, is no exception. This Scalloped Potato & Ham dish will provide us with a bounty of fuss-free home cooked meals, to be enjoyed on a day when a bit of comfort food can really hit the spot. My hubby was again was the mastermind….

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Green Bean Gratin – Let’s hear it for the Veggies!

Green Bean Gratin


I hosted a family Christmas gathering which included many of the standard holiday buffet favorites, Glazed Ham, Biscuits and Cheesy Potatoes.  But just to mix it up a little, I decided to add a touch of flair with the veggies. I am a real veggie girl, so in my opinion, they’re worth fussing over. This Green Bean Gratin side dish includes….

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Shrimp with Spicy Gazpacho Butter Sauce


Shrimp with Gazpacho Butter

I recently threw a little dinner party for my sister Ann and her fiance Andy. My goal was to make a special meal in honor Annie’s birthday the next day. The challenge was the narrow window for final prep and dining. The reason being, we had an album release party for my niece Cleo later that evening (which was a seriously cool occasion.)

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Christmas Cookie Favorite – Cashew Butter & Mini Chocolate Chip

Cashew Butter Cookies

These Cashew Butter Cookies with Mini Chocolate Chips are my hubby’s favorite Christmas cookie. They’re actually a spin on the classic pairing of peanut butter and chocolate, but use cashew butter and mini chocolate chips. The’re also made on a small scale, so they look cute on a cookie tray. This also means they can be enjoyed without busting the bank on calories. Of course, that all depends on…

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