Sear & Sauce It – Cooking Tip for Meat

Cooking Tips 1Are you interested in a helpful Cooking Tip for preparing meat which is easy, fast and produces tender, flavorful results?  Sear it and Sauce it! Want to know more? Then read on, in this first, in a series of cooking tips. If you find this Cooking Tip helpful, let me know by commenting on my food blog or by Liking or Sharing this post with others via the Share feature.

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Lemony Chicken & Orzo Salad – Healthy Option!

Lemony Chicken & Orzo Salad

We’re back from our month in Hawaii and I’m increasing my focus on healthy eating! I spotted this recipe in the Kowalski’s magazine and thought I’d punch up the veggie factor to make a good thing even better. I agree with the chef’s comments that refreshing lemon, fresh herbs, and the crunch factor from nuts, are great additions to a salad. An array of veggies are another great way to add flavor. Your body wants them, and you can pick whatever your taste buds prefer!

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Cajun Blackened Fish Tacos – Best on the Planet!

FullSizeRender-8Best on the planet is a bold statement to make about anything. I am willing to stick my neck out on this one though. I’ve had these fish tacos at the Tommy Bahama Cafe in Maui a few times, and was blown away by the layers of flavor. I was looking for one more recipe to cook on our Hawaiian visit and was thrilled to find this one online.

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