Greek Appetizers – Easy Entertaining!

Greek Appetizers

Looking for some new appetizer ideas for your next gathering? Check out this great lineup of Greek Appetizers – Spiced Red Pepper Hummus and Tzatsiki Dips are paired up with home-made Pita Chips, Feta Cheese Wafers and Watermelon & Feta appetizers – very fun and easy! Spread the love and Share this post, Comment and Subscribe to

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Join the Greek Feast – Opah!

Greek Feast

Our Greek feast was a delicious affair that featured perfectly Grilled Lambs Chops with Pomegranate Relish, Greek Baby Potato Kabobs and Braised Radishes with Honey. That was just the main course! There were also 3 additional courses rounding out this fun evening with our Gourmet Group. Read on to hear more! Remember to Share and Comment. Want to receive these posts directly?  Then follow the link and Subscribe from the Home page.

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Chicken Enchiladas with Avocado Corn Salad

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas with Avocado Corn Salad comes together in a snap with store-bought ingredients. They’re stuffed with rotisserie chicken and shredded cheese, and topped with canned enchilada sauce. Toss together some chopped avocado, tomato and canned corn to create the salad, which rounds out this tasty, family friendly meal. You like? Than Share, Comment or Subscribe!

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Aunt Janice’s Potato Salad – A Family Heirloom

Potato Salad

Nothing quite says summer like potato salad! If someone’s brought potato salad to one of our family picnics, we all hope it’s Aunt Janice’s recipe.  The secret to this version is the creamy balance of  flavors in the dressing and the nice crunch provided by the celery, radishes and sweet onion. A family heirloom I’m willing to share! I’d also love it if you would Share, Like, Comment and/or Subscribe.

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