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Change Your Way of Thinking

Did you know you can Change Your Way of Thinking?  Read this Thyme4Faith message to find out how. Remember to Share!

How It All Started

Who knew that running short on your data plan could have such a life changing effect? A few days ago I received that text message we all dread.”You’re almost out of data. You have 10% remaining with 17 days left.”  Yikes – That’s very little data capacity with over half the billing period to go! Now what? I guess I will have to use the phone as just a phone, vs. a portal to every piece of data I can imagine. Hmm.

Change Your Way of Thinking

But actually, the result was quite startling. I came to realize, that whatever I focus on, becomes my focus. Sounds basic, right? But the simplest truth can be very straight forward. If you focus on trivial things, your thoughts will get pulled in that direction. If you focus on Godly things, your thoughts will be pulled in that direction. Instead of the frequent checks into social media, the weather app and Google for every crazy question that pops into my head, my mind became less crowded with thoughts. Then I found myself thinking, what does God want me to do with this moment? How should I be seeing life through his eyes?

Don’t Fight It – Change It

I have come to realize that trivial living can easily lead to negative thinking. This in turn can lead to feelings of discontentment, envy, and various other sins. Once you get started on this path, it’s almost impossible to stop. If you don’t change what you focus on, you won’t change what you think about. As Pastor Rick Warren says, “Don’t fight it. Change It! There are many things in life you can’t change, but you can change what you think about.”

Spend more time thinking about who God is, and what He’s revealed about His plan for His creation, which He dearly loves. FYI – that includes you! On a more personal level, what part do you play in God’s plan? Not just in general. What is your role today. In this moment? 

Get More God Into Your Life

To successfully make this switch over, you need to do two basic things. Turn down the noise of trivial things and increase the volume of God’s voice in your day. Spend less time absorbing the world’s view and more time absorbing God’s view. Here are a few resources I use, but there are many others as well. In fact, I would love to hear about your favorite faith-based resources in the comments section of this post on my blog.

Remember, you are what you focus on. Change your focus, and it will change the way you think!



4 thoughts on “Change Your Way of Thinking – Thyme4Faith

  1. Very good post! I can always use this reminder. I have had a series of ongoing unfortunate Home Improvement projects. It has been something new everyday , with more and more money wasted! Today everything was supposed to be finished but again was pushed out till Monday. I could focus on this or choise to Focus on positive things. I chose to let it go and thank God for my blessing!

    • Sounds like it has been rough lately, but you’re making your heavenly Father (and me) proud be choosing an attitude of gratitude!

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