Group Effort

Team You know those little corrections/updates that appear in newspapers when something was inaccurate or left out by accident? This is one of those posts….

Not from a recipe perspective, but from one of giving credit to my fellow chefs in gourmet club. The delicious meal for the Triple D event was the result of the entire gourmet group. That didn’t really come through in my previous post, so I wanted to set the record straight. Thanks to Brian and Linda for the savory Smoked Trout Spread and Cracker bread. Thanks to Rick & Tracy for the delightful Chili (recipe coming soon, hopefully!) And to Susan and Gary, the creators of the Apple Pecan Carrot cake, we say oh my yum that was heavenly! Kudos to my fellow foodie friends for a wonderful gourmet club gathering. The last 10+ years have been amazing and we look forward to our next soiree!

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