Harvest Time – Thyme4Faith

Harvest Time - Thyme4faith

How can a few seeds result in such bounty? Read this Thyme4Faith message to find out, then SHARE!

Farmers Market – Harvest Time

If you visit any Farmer’s Market this time of year, you will see the bounty of the season first hand. But before such a harvest is possible, there is much that needs to happen. Mike and I saw one aspect of this at a Farmer’s Market booth we recently visited. Volunteers were teaching kids about soil and what was needed for seeds to germinate properly. The idea was to help them understand how seeds ultimately become the food that lands on their dinner table.

Eternal CPR (Cultivate, Plant, Reap)

Just like farming, faith requires Cultivating, Planting and Reaping (CPR) to produce results.  I like the way Dan Spader explains it in Walking as Jesus Walked: Making Disciples the Way Jesus Did when he said – “Physical CPR is caring for the emergency needs of a heart gone bad. Eternal CPR, is caring for the spiritual needs of a heart gone bad.”  But what does this really mean? What should we be doing as believers? 

Cultivate – We are called to build relationships with those that most need the hope of Jesus Christ. You may feel like maintaining your existing relationships already takes too much time and energy. But how else do we point people toward hope, unless they know we care enough to connect with them? Remember – people want to know you care, before they care about what you know.

Plant – There is so much love, forgiveness and wisdom in God’s word that people are hunger to hear. Once we have invested in someone, we are better positioned to share God’s seeds at a relevant point in their life. By steeping in His word daily, your ability to sow seeds will grown. In fact you will grow as well. Party bonus!

Reap – When the time is right, we are then able to share the good news of the Gospel, leading them to salvation and eternal life. Don’t worry if sharing this message isn’t something that comes easily for you. Here’s a compelling resource you can use, which cleverly leverages the word GOSPEL.

Then he said to his disciples, β€œThe harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” – Matthew 9:37-38    

I pray you were blessed and inspired to action by this Thyme4Faith message.

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  1. Thanks Karen. I barely have the thought that I should do a Thyme4Faith post, and God downloads the idea. Once I start to type, His words just flow. Clearly He is the one in charge! 😊✝️

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