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Let Your Light Shine Before Others - Thyme4Faith

Brighten the world by Letting Your Light Shine. Read on & Share this Thyme4Faith message.

Let Your Light Shine 

It happened again. That “sit up and take notice thing.” By this, I mean I encountered the same message multiple times. In this case, it was within the span of a few hours. The message was – Let Your Light Shine.  It started with this devotional verse:

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16

Shortly after that I slapped on the headphones for my morning walk. As I cruised down the sidewalk, multiple songs from my randomized play list pointed to the same message. OK God, I’m listening. What do You want me to share with others about this message?

It’s Hard to Shine 

I am blessed to be spending time in beautiful sunny locations for much of the winter. Yet not all aspects of my life are sunny. Of course, I am not alone. Many of you face difficult challenges as well. Whether it’s illness, addiction, financial issues, job loss, loneliness, etc… The weight of daily life can leave us feeling drained or discouraged at times. This makes it very hard to shine in our own power. What God wants us to know, is that He is our power source. We need a close connection with Him in order to shine.  

Steep Until You Seep

Being a tea drinker, steeping tea is something I do each morning.  Just like a tea bag, we need to steep until we are saturated. In our case, we need to steep in God’s presence. By taking time with God:

  • daily – to read scripture and reflect on how it applies to our life
  • weekly – to worship Him in a community of believers. This recharges our batteries (you can’t power your light without it!)
  • frequently –  meet with a small group of other believers that you can “do life with.” This provides encouragement and comfort as we seek God’s direction together.

By steeping personally and in a community of believers, God’s light will begin to fill more and more of your life. Before you know it, His light will seep through you and shine brightly for His glory.

After my morning inspiration I wrote the draft for this message. Later in the afternoon, Mike and I were out strolling through a town in Maui upcountry. I had to smile when Mike called my attention to the drawing below on the blacktop. I don’t think God could be any clearer!

Be the light & let it shine before others! 

God bless and remember to be the light by Sharing this Thyme4Faith message with others.

Be the Light

8 thoughts on “Let Your Light Shine – Thyme4Faith

  1. WOW! Doesn’t it just blow your mind how God does it. That drawing was so cool.
    Really appreciate sharing it with us. Hope you guys are having a wonderful trip. We have been praying for you to be very blessed with his amazing presence while your there. I guess he answered our prayers all ready! Love you Mike and Cathy!!!

    • Thanks so much for your prayers. Clearly they are being received and God is making His presence known. God is good! 😊👍

  2. This is a great message mom. Brad just had the same experience with this exact message ! He said that” God must want him to be the light! “Imagine when we then saw your post!!!! Message received!

    • Isn’t it cool when God connects the dots like that? It’s not just a coincidence. It’s God drawing our attention to the things that matter to Him. ✝

  3. Cathy,

    I loved this blog!!! I especially loved the sketch that Mike discovered: “Be the light.” How cool! It just doesn’t get any more clear than that! Thanks for sharing the good news!

  4. Thank you Cathy for this beautiful sunny message which is so meaningful in so many ways… it is dreary and dark in Minnesota right now and a lot of people are suffering from the winter blues as well as fall out from the election… This is inspiring and helps us focus on what we can do ourselves day in and day out. I am copying this familiar but awesome verse to stick on my fridge for inspiration and a reminder. Thanks again for always boosting my faith! God put you in my life for a reason other than Book Club!
    Love to you and Mike.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. It touches me to the core that you took encouragement from this message. God is surely good, for He blessed me with your friendship as well. 😊👍✝

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