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Obedience + Cross = Love - Thyme4Faith

Philippians 2:8  – he humbled himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross. But why?..….

Obedience + Cross = Love

It’s hard to wrap your mind around someone being obedient unto death. Especially death on a cross for the sake of people who neither understood or appreciated why it was happening. That is, unless you are Jesus. Even though Jesus was fully human, he was unlike the rest of humanity because he was free from sin. Have you ever wondered what really constitutes sin? Just tap into the daily news to get a better picture. But the sinners are just the murders, terrorist and rapists, right? No. Actually, the sinners are also the unloving, impatient, and judgmental of the world. Even people that just have these thoughts are sinners. Wait, what? Are you serious? Yes, quite serious.

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, – Romans 3:22

What do we do if sin is so pervasive? Are we all doomed? No. From the very beginning God knew that a reset would be needed for humanity. He knew we needed a Savior to address the widespread level of sin in the world. Jesus’ death on the cross is how all sin is forgiven.  God let His one and only Son die for a world filled with sin. But Why? Love. Unfailing. Unconditional. Sacrificial Love. 

Now What?

It’s pretty mind blowing to think someone else paid the price for your sin, isn’t it? How do you possibly honor this sacrifice? First you need to believe in Jesus and that He died for your sins. Next, you should model your life on Jesus’ life. This is a key reason why Jesus came to earth. To show us the way God intended for us to live.

Jesus’ life was:

  1. lead by the Holy Spirit
  2. dependent on prayer for everyday guidance
  3. obedient to God’s will
  4. reliant on the scriptures for wisdom
  5. honoring of the Father for all His goodness
  6. invested in relationships

(The bullets above are excerpts from Walking as Jesus Walked: Making Disciples as Jesus Did by Dann Spader)

Interested in Going Deeper?

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share another post Cathy.On this humbling Good Friday my heart is full of so many emotions, as we we remember Jesus ultimate sacrifice.Gratitude, deep sorrow for what Jesus endured and amazing joy for the life giving freedom and peace he extends to us.. I wish all of you (everyone across our beautiful world) a very Blessed Easter, See you guys Sunday

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