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Did you know you can Search & Savor the goodness of over 100 recipes on Need easy ideas for dinner this week? A recipe for a special occasion? Just use the easy Recipe Search feature! Or you can browse the Recipes by Course or Recipes Your Way pages for inspiration. Read on to see how….

Search & Savor

A number of readers have mentioned they love seeing new posts, but didn’t realize they could come back to as a recipe search tool. Great news! There are actually 2 ways to tap into the 100+ recipes on my site.


The first way is to use the Search feature.  You can find the Search box located in the upper right hand corner on the home screen (very easier to find!) If you are using a cell phone, there is an additional search box located below the 5 most recent blog posts. You can search on whatever you’d like, for example  – chicken, dessert, easy meals – you name it!

Recipe Search

Search in Upper Right Corner of Home Screen (mobile)


Recipe Search

Search located below 5 current posts (mobile)


The other way to find recipes, is to browse for them on these 2 pages:

  • Recipes by Course   is just what it sounds like. Recipes for Brunch, Appetizers/Cocktails, First Course, Main Course, Side Dishes and Desserts.
  • Recipes Your Way – is broken down into 3 categories.
    • Easy Meals – uses fewer ingredients, comes together quickly and frequently is more economical to make.
    • Healthy Eating – a collection of lighter fare, with recipes focusing on leaner proteins and more complex carbohydrates, for a healthier balance.
    • Special Occasions – can include dinner parties, Sunday meals, potlucks, or holidays. The recipes are usually a bit more effort, but not always, and are meant to impress or be a yummy indulgence.
Browse Recipes

Recipes by Course or Recipes Your Way (mobile)

So bookmark, and come back whenever you need a little inspiration, or an easy button for a quick meal. While it might not be on the same scale as Allrecipes or, it’s still a great resource to put into your arsenal of kitchen tools. They other bonus, is that you can say you actually know the cook for each of these recipes! So search and savor, my fellow cooks!


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