Still Hamming it Up – Ham & Bean Soup

Ham & Bean Soup 2

With winter having finally arrived in Minnesota, and a stash of  leftover ham (even after making the Scalloped Potatoes & Ham) I was inspired to cook up a pot of Ham & Bean Soup.  A variety of fresh vegetables and herbs, pair up with a 15 bean mix and meaty ham bone to make this hearty soup. I did find myself in dire straights however…

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Turkey Leftover & Walking Reboot

Turkey CasseroleWho doesn’t appreciate a recipe for turkey leftovers this time of year? Most people have had enough nibbling on the leftovers in their original form, so why not reinvent for a new flavor sensation? One of the tried and true recipes at my house is this Turkey Tortilla Casserole. I have another idea to share for your post Thanksgiving indulgence as well…

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Pork Reboot

Pork unedited 2

One of my core beliefs as a person who loves to cook (and eat) is that life requires balance. Multi-coursed meals or special indulgences don’t have to mess you up if you default toward a healthier lifestyle in between. I am also a person that believes in reinventing leftovers into something new and tasty, and in this case, fairly healthy. I call this “Pull a Rabbit out of a Hat” cooking.

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