Feed Your Faith 3


   Harvest Time

 His Love Can Rock You!

 Living Well: a State of Mind

Hope Changes Everything Dare to Hope

 Obedience + Cross = Love 

Faith Plot Twist  A Major Plot Twist

three girls push the broken car Is Your Tank on Empty?

Prayer as a Life Strategy Prayer as a Life Strategy

27 Years of Love 27 Years of Love

 Thyme4Faith Road Trip – Route 66 leg

Lighthouse for postThyme4Faith Road Trip – East Coast leg

Dune picThyme4Faith Road Trip – Traverse City leg

Path PictureOne Step at a Time


Why Would a Loving God Allow Suffering Why Does God Allow Suffering?

encourage Encourage Each Other

man-in-church  The True Leader is Not Elected

give-thanks  Chose Thankfulness Year Round

 The Greatest Gift For All

Let Your Light Shine - Thyme4Faith  Let Your Light Shine

Take Every Thought Captive Change Your Way of Thinking

Faith 2 Launching Thyme4Faith